ST3 training in OBGY in the UK

ST3 Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the UK

It came as a surprise after a long long time and is here to stay for some time.
Yes,I am talking about getting into the middle of training at ST3 level in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in England.

Pre requisite:

1.GMC registration
2.MRCOG part 1(Having mrcog part 2/3 is not mandatory)
3.Some UK work experience as an SHO or Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (few months to few years)
4.You can get GMC either through PLAB or MTI scheme of RCOG after part 1 MRCOG or through MRCOG(all parts)
5.Valid UK Visa:Tier 5 or Tier2 or Dependent

A.Post Release

Feb is the month when posts are released on Oriel website.Form your account on oriel and keep an eye starting from Jan-Feb.Posts are advertised as ST3 in Obstetrics and Gynaecology by HEE(Health Education England)


B.Application form

1.As soon as posts are released apply .Its an online form (long one) and attach your CV ,GMC,ALS/MOET certficate,degree certificates,mandatory UK course certificates and couple of other selective certificates you wish to flaunt and send the form before the last date

2.Long listing
After this you will be longlisted on the basis of your form.Most people who satisfy basic criteria(valid GMC,Valid visa(tier5 or tier2 or dependent,some experience in OBGY and MRCOG part 1) get longlisted.Again all correspondences will come in your email you have registered with on oriel.So keep an eye on both ,your oriel account and email

3.Shortlisting will be more specific and it has some specific criteria like not more than 60 months experience in OBGY.Now this rule was not followed this time in 2018 and UK system is pretty flexible in moulding rules to their needs.So when "people " tell you don't apply ,you don't satisfy the rules,ignore them.
There are no set rules.No harm in applying at all .

4.Interview calls:You will get interview email once you are shortlisted.
Interviews are carried over 2-3 days(April)I would say be very quick in booking interview date and time as these get filled up very quickly.

C.Preparing for Interview:

Now here the work starts
There are 3 stations:15 minutes each.You need to pass in every station individually to pass the interview:

A.Portfolio and CV station:You need to market yourself well in this station:
One interviewer will be asking you general questions:

1.Why OBGY
2.What are challenges you can face in training in obgy in UK
3.How will you cope with these challenges
4.Which achievement of yours in OBGY you are proud of
5.What's your interest/take in Medical Education.How have you contributed in Medical Education so far
6.Tell me about an Audit you have done
7.What are your training needs for this year

Questions will be standard ,how you answer them is the catch.

There are some FY2 practise interview courses in various trusts for ST1 entry into OBGY.Attending those or at least helping in those courses will be excellent to have an overview of how to perform in interviews

B.Communication Station with a clinical scenario with a role player:Extremely important station.This was the station which can break you or make you.I got into training due to this station as I performed very very average in the other two stations.Its like OSCE station.So I would say just be yourself ,communicate how you would at your routine work place in the UK.

C.Prioritization station:Of Labour ward board.

Prepare with your colleagues and your Educational Supervisor at work place.Ask them for tips.Be receptive of feedback and yes cover up your e portfolio as much as you can.This is looked into by one of the interviewer in the portfolio station

Interview preparation books

D.E portfolio:

What basic bare minimum you need (These are the things u need to start working on the moment you join your first UK job as an SHO or Registrar)
1.4 formative CBD OSAT Obs
2.4 formative CBD OSAT Gynae
3.4 formative Mini CeX OSAT Gynae
4.4 formative Mini CeX OSAT Obs
5.2-3 forceps Summative OSAT
6.2-3 Vaccum Summative OSAT
7.At least 1 summative Perineal repair
8.3 OSAT Summative LSCS
9.1-3 Summative OSAT Fetal Blood Sampling
10.1-3 MROP Summative OSAT
11.3 Summative OSAT Surgical Management of Miscarriage
12.Signed off for core curriculum till ST2 level
13.3 Summative OSAT for basic scan (presenation,AFI,placental localization)
14.Formative OSAT for hysteroscopy,laparsocopy
15..8 Reflections
16.Audit presentation or at least in the process:I would say this should be on the top of your priority the moment you enter UK.I was still in process of doing this and didn't have a presentation by the interview,it did cost me my marks at the interview
17.Basic courses:
A.Basic practical Skill Course RCOG
B.Basic Ultrasound Skill Course RCOG
E.Local trust/RCOG /babylifeline CTG course and CTG K2 e learning
G.3rd degree tear course
18.1-2 set of TO1 or TO2
19.Teaching sessions FY/GPST

This is the link to training matrix for ST progression and I would suggest complete competencies till ST2 level on e portfolio

Training Matrix 2018-19 - RCOG
PDF › documents ›t...

E.Day of Interview:

Day of Interview:
A.Be presentable and smart.Dress up professionally well with proper shoes and smile and confidence on your face.Be calm,confident and slow down your speech (both speed and volume).Coffee,chocolates ,good breakfast,Caffeine are your good friends,don't forget them.

B.Get a file folder prepared with your CV,Degrees,certificates
These are not seen,however no harm taking them with you.

These are the basics.These are the things that will differentiate you from others.Everyone appearing for these posts have ample clinical experience and academic success as well.Its your personality which is going to determine how you market your skills.So pay attention to these.Don't fuff around.If you don't know the answer ,be humble enough to say:I am sorry,I don't know.Listen to what's being asked carefully.

F.Interview Results:

1.Appointable:Which means you have passed in each interview station and are elligible to be ranked and offered a post.

2.Ranking:Combination of Interview and shortlisting score with preference given to those who don't require sponsorship for visa(British passport holders).There is no difference if you are already on tier 2 or tier5 as in both cases they will sponsor you.
3.Being offered a post:Depending on your rank and your preference (which u will fill before/after interview) you will be offered a post .Those whose ranks are beyond the number of posts available will be offered few days later.

I would say,you have 45 minutes to be your best.But don't let it get over you.It's not the end of world.There are plenty of opportunities in the UK to get trained in sup specialities in the UK as Clinical Fellow. So if you don't get through, its an opportunity to carve yourself in a better way that year and reapply next year.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,it became a butterfly

I wish you all the best for your application to ST3 posts next year.Invest time in your E portfolio and in your self.