MRCOG part 1 exam preparation

RCOG London.Let today be the start of something new

MRCOG part 1 exam preparation

Hello everyone.This is the first step towards your goal to get MRCOG or to work in the UK.This exam covers subjects of 1st and 2nd year MBBS with very basic Obs and Gynae:Anatomy,Physiology,Biochem,Pharmac,Micro,Statistics and Basic obgy.


A.Source and Books

Don't worry ,you need not open your MBBS books for that.The books which are required are as below.You can purchase it from Amazon or local book store near popular medical colleges like KEM(Jay ambe),AIIMS.


1.Basic Sciences by Tim Chard along with MCQ book

2.Basic Sciences by Phillip Bennett 3.MRCOG part 1 ,400 SBA,Katherine Anderson

4.SBA for mrcog part 1 ,Andrew Sizer 5.Revision Notes for the MRCOG Part 1 (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts) Arisudhan Anantharachagan


There are couple of other books,but the above books are the ones I have read and they are more than enough.



You need to register your self on the RCOG website before applying for part1 mrcog.This is relatively straightforward on the rcog website





1.MRCOG part 1 course in Mumbai:Highly recommended(RCOG course)


2.ABMA course for mrcog part 1


D.Time duration

1 to 1.5 month while you are working.People do flaunt around saying 1 week,10 days.I would not advice such short cuts.Not every time people turn lucky.Give your 100 percent in best possible manner leaving no gap from your end


E.Ease of exam

This is a relatively simple exam with good pass percentage of 80 to 90 percent people from India passing in 1st attempt


F.Best time to give the exam

Either after MBBS or during ObGy Post graduation or after post graduation.I gave it after my post graduation as I didn't know this information.But you all know now.So decide well.


Hope this helps.Feel free to leave your comments.Best wishes to all the exam aspirants.