How to apply for Obstetrics and Gynaecology  jobs in the NHS UK after MRCOG(all parts)/MRCOG part1/PLAB

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How to apply for Obstetrics and Gynaecology jobs in the UK after MRCOG(all parts)/MRCOG part 1/PLAB

A very big congratulations to the people who have sailed through all the steps of the MRCOG exam.Now,the next big step or decision for some people would be
How to apply for jobs?
I am listing a few essential tips which I hope you all find helpful:

In summary following steps are required which I have elaborated in detail:

1.MRCOG(all parts)
2.UKVI IELTS ACCADEMIC with required score
4.Applying for Jobs
5.Certificate of Sponsorship

1.To practise in the UK,the most important pre-requisite is registration with General Medical Council (GMC) :Registration (Full registration with a license to practise)with General Medical Council in the UK.There are 3 ways to get GMC

Link to website:

A.GMC=MRCOG (all parts)+ UKVI IELTS accademic(with required score:overall 7.5 and minimum 7 in each domain) or OET(new one).This is the route I came through in July 2017.Here you come on tier 2 visa

B.GMC=MRCOG part 1+UKVI IELTS accademic(with required score:overall 7.5 and minimum 7 in each domain) or OET(new one).This is under MTI scheme of RCOG.Details given on RCOG website.Here you come on tier 5 visa

C.GMC =PLAB +UKVI IELTS accademic(with required score:overall 7.5 and minimum 7 in each domain) or OET(new one).One can avoid this route as PLAB is tough and has l a pre pg entrance like curriculum.This route is advisable for people who wish to start their training for first the first time in Obstetrics and Gynaecology,rather than people who have completed their residency in OBGY

The process of registration with GMC is very simple and given on GMC website.You need to attach the documents they ask for.But before registration the most important thing you need is IELTS accademic or OET.I have little idea about OET as its just come in couple of months back.

2.How to prepare for UKVI IELTS accademic?

Website Link:

People tend to take this exam very lightly,thinking this is just an english exam.Few people who crack with wonderful score without any prep in first go are lucky plus have an excellent inbuilt knack over english language. But here I am referring to majority of the people who have good command in communication but struggle with writing.A score of minimum 7 in 4 domains:
Speaking,Writing,Listening,Reading is required with overall score of 7.5.I would suggest join any good IELTS class in your city for 10 days and you all would crack it in 1st attempt.The score for ielts is valid for 2 years.
For those in Mumbai ,I joined English now classes in Mumbai in Parel for 9 days and could get the required score in first attempt.So it did help,as I knew my writing was not up to mark.


3.After clearing IELTS and getting the required scores,apply for GMC online.Once GMC registration is accepted ,one needs to go for ID check in London or Manchester.

4.Looking up for Jobs

A.NHS JobsNHS Jobs(

B.BMJ careers (BMJ Careers - The BMJ

C.Trac jobs(Login -

D.Indeed Jobs
( › jobs)

E.Recruitment companies

I would advice to go for first 4 of above options for jobs.Plenty of Jobs are advertised every week .Apply online.If one cannot attend the interview in person ,you can even request for skype interviews.The last option,through recruitment company is quicker,however recruitment companies have tie up with limited hospitals and no one wants to miss on good hospitals

5.Job Post:

A.Trust grade/Clinical fellow/Senior Clinical Fellow/Speciality Registrar:Non
B.UK trainee(ST1 to ST7):Training posts in the UK (like DGO or MD/MS residency seats)

I started as a trust grade SHO(Senior house officer) for 3 months followed by a registrar post.
I would advice starting as an SHO as it helps you get a hang of system and NHS trust very well without a burdern of responsibilities on your head.Also,if they see you performing better ,more than the capabilities of an SHO ,one is promoted to registrar job quickly.

Be it PLAB route or MTI route or MRCOG route,one always starts at the level of Trust grade/Clinical fellow/Senior Clinical Fellow/Speciality Registrar.Later there is a chance to get into training(ST3 or ST5) through National Recruitment round in England or Scotland,if one wishes.

The responsibilties of a trust grade vs ST are same.Its just that trainees do get a preference in doing the cream bit of job(laparoscopy/Scanning sessions/Operative session).Also,after few years a trust grade getting special sessions to do the creamy bit as well.


Website Link:

For visa a Certificate of Sponsorship is required from your employer, which one gets after getting the job offer
Types of visa to be applied for:

1.MRCOG route:Tier 2 general

2.MTI route :Tier 5 general with RCOG issuing certificate of Sponsorship

3.PLAB route:Tier 2 general

Visa capping has been removed which implies that number of visa rejections will reduce now.For the first time it takes minimum 1 month for visa to come across.

I hope this helps.Feel free to ask any questions you all wish to.