MRCOG part 3:When and Where to appear?

Congratulations for clearing part 2

I am sure many of you would have burst into tears after getting the pass result.The tears were your expression of facing fear right in its eyes .

Well,the main hurdle is crossed by you all now.This is one of the toughest exams.Be proud of your achievement. 

Take a deep breath and reflect

Reflect at your success and feel proud for what you have achieved.It was worth that rocky path.

When is the right time to appear for part 3?

You are nearly there.I would quote the famous saying by Lord Krishna"Do your Karma and Leave the rest to God".Give your 200 percent for this last mile to be completed.

Now ,now and only now.May 2018 is the right time for all of you to appear for part 3.Your Knowledge is fresh.Your hard earned success has instilled energy,confidence and new hopes.You are just one final step away from your dream.Go for it.

Center for examination and Type of visa

A.Choosing the center for examination

I would say London for the following reasons

1.Standards of marking is strictly followed by examiners.Trust me its not easy being an examiner.Examiners at RCOG have to justify at the end of the day "Why did they fail a candidate".So go ahead with London

2.All good courses are in London:

A.RCOG clinical part 3 course of osce circuits:MRCOG final preparation for part 3(16th to 20th april ,any 1 day) and MRCOG final preparation :Recap course on 11th May

B.Whipps cross course(

C.Teal fenning course

I attended Teal Fenning.Whipps cross is very popular among docs working in London.I would suggest do RCOG course which is in april.If for some reason you cannot attend it so early,do the ones which are close to your exam in May.

3.London is a beautiful place.Not too cold in May.You don't want to miss seeing the spectacular Royal College building RCOG,London tower bridge and meeting me.This was on a lighter note

B.Type of visa

Standard visitor visa for 6 months on priority basis.Fill the form available on the link below.

Request RCOG via email to provide you an acknowledgement letter saying that you are appearing for part 3 exam in London in May 2018 for visa purposes 


Beautiful College.A landmark for clicking pictures. Well this is me just before my part 3 exam in Nov 2016.You can sense the fear in my smile.Had to get this picture before my afternoon exam as I was uncertain if I would ever get a chance to come back to this college.Being humble is fair enough.But being confident is equally important.Its natural to be scared but hide it under your smile.