Do your best and leave the rest to God

Hello everyone.I am Dr Ishita Mishra.I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for last 8 years and currently working as Specialty Trainee (ST4) in  Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the NHS in Manchester.I have done my training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from India.I cleared my part 1 MRCOG in 2015 and part 2 and part 3 in 2016 in first attempt while working in India.I take this pleasure to introduce my blog on "Target Mrcog part 2 and 3".The purpose of this blog is to guide aspirants from all over the world to prepare for the exam.Also it is useful for people who wish to work in the UK and to get into training in OBGY in the UK.

MRCOG dream

When you feel tired,when you feel like giving up ,when people tell you off,just close your eyes and imagine the MRCOG convocation ceremony and this lovely click of London tower bridge.I am sure this will bring you a step closer to your goal

One of the reasons to come to UK was to get this click apart from MRCOG

Summary for MRCOG part 2 preparation

Its never easy and it is not meant to be.The road to victory is tough but trust me when you get there it would be worth all your pain and hard work

Summary for MRCOG part 2 preparation

1.Start the preparation 5 months in advance. If you are working in a busy hospital,take a complete break for 2 months just before the exam.(Its a must.Don't pay heed to what people say.This exam is one of the toughest exams and we need to take tough decisions to clear it)In the first month,say april collect all the material you need:
A.On rcog website:Green top guideline,NICE guideline (only obgy related),SIP,Good practice papers,Consents
B.MBBRACE website :2 reports(2016 and 2015) of maternal and perinatal mortality.Read the maternal mortality report in detail.For perinatal mortality just go through the pictorial chart
C.FSRH guidelines and BASSH guidelines :Just google these words and you will get that.
D.Subscribe to Strat og:Their EMQ and sBA are a must.No need to go through the text .Only the stuff which is not given in the Guidelines ,read those (Retrogradely after solving the emq)
E .TOG:Last 5 years atleast:I started from 2013 onwards and that would be enough.

2.Well after all this you would be surrounded by ocean of papers all around.Don't panic.If you are used to read stuff as Hard copies:Take a print of all these stuff,organize them in spirals according to Core modules:Antenatal care(all related guidelines bundle of 3 spirals),Urogynaec (1 spiral) and so on.This is really going to help you in doing things systematically and in a time bound fashion.For those who go the soft copy way,make folders of core modules accordingly.

3.All this material now needs to go into your head.Well start with GTG guidelines .Read a few .Get a hang of them.Now go through your EMQ ,SBA books to see what kind of questions are asked and how your are supposed to apply the guidelines or stuff you read.Practice EMQ more than SBA.Let me list the books for you all now.These are the only books you need to read(Strictly these)for part 2.Order it on amazon.
1.Amanda Jones
2.Andrew seizer
3.Nilanjana mukopadhya
4.Prabha sinha
5.Justin Konje
6.Andrea Pilkington
7.shrelata datta
8.Rekha Wuntakal
9.A rahim(I couldnt read this though)
10.Chinmayee Ratha.
There are lot many emq sba books .You can solve those if time permits.Please I request you all not to read theory books (They are not going to be of any help)

4.Try revising and application of guidelines.Do one entire module say all guidelines related to Antenatal Care and then solve related EMQ and SBA.TOGs are equally important.In midst of all these never skip the lastest guidelines which come(even those which are released a month back as these were drafted long back and you can expect questions from these).

5.Revision courses:Not more than 2.I did RCOG part 2 course in New Delhi and ABMA course in Kolkatta. Also I did online enhanced revision course by RCOG.I didn't know about Dr mustafa's mock tests but have heard these are good.(I only got to know about his part 3 sessions after my part 2 result and joined his part 3 sessions).But both the courses I did were helpful.

6.Revise as many times as you can.Join FB groups like this one.This will make you think and discuss and break the monotonous way of studying alone.Study patner concept is somethi g I am not comfortable with personally.Make a small notebook of all perecentages and numbers .This is something you need to def read a day before the exam.Make a timetable with a timeline for every core module.Book the center of exam most convenient for you.

After all this prep you would have come a long way.Be confident and go for the exam.In your preparation days daily imagine that you are standing there with the Royal college president and recieving your certificates in a background of claps.Trust me this works.It did for me.You should have that Madness of getting it there at the cost of all your hard work.I call it MRCOG MODE or JUNOON.Last 2 months just go into this MODE.People might make fun of you at this stage,taunt you by saying"Omg 2 months leave"."Look Miss MRCOG has arrived".I have heard of all these and in my heart i would pray to GOD that I will be back to them with my Degree.Let my work speak.These taunts will increase your madness to clear the exam even more.These lines of mine are too dramatic but it works.

Believe in yourself,Give your 200 percent and leave the rest to GOD.Do what all you can and for the things you have no control over ,leave it to GOD;GOD will take care of them.It is very much possible to clear MRCOG without going to UK.All the best to all.

Summary for MRCOG part 3 preparation

The flower buds are waiting for the morning to blossom.Remember the day of part 3 exam is an opportunity for you all to blossom.Be humble yet fresh and confident like these flower buds

For all those who are appearing for part 3 a few tips are here which I followed

PrePrep phase:

1.Book your accomodation (YMCA Indian Student hostel;book it on phone on the day you get your part 2 result.They are always tight with bookings.Its in central London,one of the best area of london,tube station is near and near to RCOG college as well.You get Indian food there)

2.Start preparing for your tourist visa on priority basis.

3.Book Dr Mustafa's online session Ato D .Google floreo associate mrcog osce course and you can book it easily.Its a must to do this.

4.Start reading patient information leaflets so as to get used to words which patient can understand and along with that brush up your guidelines in a way that you can apply those guidelines on the role player.Say its a patient of Urinary incont,brush up your guideline in a way tht what are history points,examination,inv,treatment options.

5.Books;part 3 book by Lisa Joel and Edmund Neal.A must do.Also Tonny Hollingworth is good.

6.Subscribe to start og part 3 online resources.See the videos daily to get an idea as to what they want.

7.I just had 1 month to prepare and in between this had lot of personal family drawbacks.So all of you can definitely clear this exam in 1 month time.But i would advice you appear immediately after part 2 as you are fresh with knowledge

Prep phase

1.Catch hold of a layman (your sibling or good friend);a non medico and practice with them.Roleplayers script are given in the books .So its easy.I did it with my sister,who is a non medico and an excellent role player and my best critic.The feedbacks she gave me were just right for clearing the exam.

Some people do it with their medico friends on skype etc .I didnt follow this so can't comment on that.

My reason for practicing it with a non medico is that:Part 3 is not about knowledge.Its about Communication.You already have the best of 

knowledge.Just apply it.If a non medico likes you way of communication you are on the right track.Pay heed to their feedbacks very carefully.

2.5 domains:

1.Patient Safety

2 Communication with patients

3.Communication with Colleagues

4.Information gathering

5.Application of knowledge

Keep in mind all these domains for every station.

London Phase

1.Reach atleast 9 days before the exam.It better if you take someone along for emotional support which is very important(I went alone and cried like a baby every night).Since my sister joined me a day before the exam it boosted my morale .

2.In london if possible try to do RCOG osce course.I couldnt do tht as i didnt want to leavr so early.Was short of prep time ,thts why.I did Teal fenning course instead.It was helpful.In that course you will have majority of people who are working in UK.So don't compare yourself to them.You are working in a different set up and so not used to things in UK.There is nothing to look down upon yourself Be strong ,take the feedback given in the course in a positive way.Remember you guys have the guts to appear for this exam without working in UK.This means a lot.

3.One day RCOG course which is 2 days before the exam so that.Also dr Mustafa's last session F if your exam is on day 2 or 3.

Exam Day

Be confident ,Be your best on that day with the patient(Tone of your voice,A smile on your face;these little things do make a difference)Rememeber just imagine that role player is your family member and how nicely I can explain or manage tht role player.In structured viva do have a calming look.They want to see smiling confident faces rather than annoyed faces.Eat well before the exam (the room you are shut in before the exam has lot of sandwiches coffee nachos)Give your brain a kick of coffee and glucose.And trust me you all will ace the exam.All the best.